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Aga Khan Museum

Geometric patterns and serviceberry trees light up the gardens of the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto


Palestine’s leading university town preserves its passion for astronomy, architecture and great falafel

Bobak Ferdowsi

NASA’s favourite mohawk commemorates astronomical landings with unexpected hair choices

Lamia Choucair

Brownbook spends a day with Lamia Choucair in the flower markets of Tunis


The Voodoo Lily

Beware the Dracunculus vulgaris – Turkey’s handsome but foul smelling aroid

The Lotus

Submerging under water during the nighttime, the Egyptian lotus remains a symbol of night and day, life and death

The Tulip

During the Ottoman Empire, the tulip was commonly planted in palace gardens

The Grape Vine

From Kurdish kitchens to Greek myths, the grape vine is one of the world’s oldest harvested trees