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Diana Al Hadid

Sharjah’s 9th Biennial will provide a unique opportunity for 27-year-old sculptor Diana Al Hadid. who will be creating and showcasing her first work in the Middle East at the international event.

Sewing change

With almost a third of its workforce involved in textiles, it’s
time for Turkish designers to rethink how the job’s being done.
Introducing the Ipekyol Textile Factory: nominated for the Aga
Khan Award for Architecture and setting a new standard in
Turkey’s rag trade

Sheikh Zayed Bridge

Sheikh Zayed Bridge

San Francisco has the Golden Gate, Sydney has the Coat Hanger and, by 2011, Abu Dhabi will have Sheikh Zayed Bridge. Designed by Iraqi-born architect Zaha Hadid, the bridge is part of a new wave of large-scale infrastructure projects in the Middle East that go well beyond necessity to embrace groundbreaking design and architecture to create globally recogniseable urban landmarks.