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Taha Al Douri

“The most remarkable aspect of the approach of the UAE to culture in
general and design particularly is that the decision makers are quite open o variants and are not apologetic about the possibilities of discord,”

Artan Zandian

Artan is a Zoroastrian; once you go through his work you see the minimalism obvious in them. “ Let me tell you something. I’ve loved robots since I was a kid. But that was not the kind of love that goes crazy about the electrical complications, What I liked about them was that they were little things doing great works . It has become part of my personality since my childhood. Actually, I’ve lived most of my life in Zoroatrian’s society. I’ve always been in a minority group and that brought me a limited lifestyle.”

Jonathan Ashmore

Jonathan Ashmore

Dubai-based British architect Jonathan Ashmore reflects on how the UAE is creating modern history through its architecture

A New Beginning

Commissioned by the Lebanese government in 1961, the International Fair in Tripoli was never completed. However, the vision of architect Oscar Niemeyer may still be realised