Issue: 16 - Defining Entertainment In The Middle East

Rapper’s Delight

Hip-Hop artists and rappers have introduced a new wave of free expression to the region and Wael Koudaih, better known as Rayess Bek, was one of the first artists to rap in Arabic.

Dubai 2020

The Olympic Games have never been held in the Middle East but in June Dubai launched a feasibility study on becoming the host city for the 2020 games. Here brownbook explores what our home city needs to do to hold sports’ largest event and more importantly what it needs to do to create future gold medalists.

Pride not Prejudice

The crusaders used the building in Jaffa as their central jail, after which it became the Ottoman Government House, and prior to the Naqbe, it had become a part of the Damiani soap factory.

Spiritual Sanctuary

Located along the River Nile the Prayer and Meditation Pavilion near Khartoum in the Sudan is a place where the often divided people of this African nation can find peace.