Issue: 14 - Art & Architecture in the Middle East

Raidar Adham

He chose to major in interior design in England, but the desire to study architecture lead to studying it upon moving to Australia. Upon completing his education, Redar Adham decided to then move to the city of Halab, where he started his career.

Diana Al Hadid

Sharjah’s 9th Biennial will provide a unique opportunity for 27-year-old sculptor Diana Al Hadid. who will be creating and showcasing her first work in the Middle East at the international event.

Taha Al Douri

“The most remarkable aspect of the approach of the UAE to culture in
general and design particularly is that the decision makers are quite open o variants and are not apologetic about the possibilities of discord,”

Artan Zandian

Artan is a Zoroastrian; once you go through his work you see the minimalism obvious in them. “ Let me tell you something. I’ve loved robots since I was a kid. But that was not the kind of love that goes crazy about the electrical complications, What I liked about them was that they were little things doing great works . It has become part of my personality since my childhood. Actually, I’ve lived most of my life in Zoroatrian’s society. I’ve always been in a minority group and that brought me a limited lifestyle.”