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Rapper’s Delight

Hip-Hop artists and rappers have introduced a new wave of free expression to the region and Wael Koudaih, better known as Rayess Bek, was one of the first artists to rap in Arabic.

Spiritual Sanctuary

Located along the River Nile the Prayer and Meditation Pavilion near Khartoum in the Sudan is a place where the often divided people of this African nation can find peace.

In the warehouse- CAP Kuwait

: ‘CAP was set up to present real art and build a healthy platform to educate the younger generation’ – Amer Huneidi

Mashallah News

‘To combine creativity and freedom, to find stories that you really believe in
can be very frustrating for most freelance writers’ Jenny Gustafsson

Fathy Salama

‘pop music is impossible to change; what I do now is on my own terms’ Fathy Salama

Studio Meem

I always knew I wanted to do something that would have a positive impact.’ Manar Moursi

Francis Kéré

The architect putting sub-Saharan Africa inside the world’s most famous museums

Krar Collective

A three-piece Ethiopian jazz band finds a new audience in North London

Gym Class Hero

Goksu Uctas, from the southern Anatolian City of Gaziantep, could be Turkey’s chance for their first Olympic medal. It is also her chance to fulfill a lifelong ambition

Connecting The Dots

An Urban Reflection is an artist residency programme in central Amman that creates communally inclusive works and takes art out of its normal definitive boundaries.

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