Category: Tunisia

Made in Tunisia

An artisan range of handmade eyewear is a spectacle of contemporary Tunisian craftsmanship

Monia Rouissi

Headhunted by the Tunisian government, this louage driver was named ‘Mannou the Iron Woman’ in one local newspaper

Mornag Farm

Tunisian water engineer Amine Draoui left the city behind for a life in sync with nature

Lamia Choucair

Brownbook spends a day with Lamia Choucair in the flower markets of Tunis

Mamie Lily

The last standing Jewish restaurant in Tunis serves up kosher dishes

The Desert Sessions

Deep in the Tunisian Sahara, a music festival is a parallel universe full of dreams, dust and drums

Flesh and Blood

Using Skype as a digital rehearsal studio, Sofiane and Selma Ouissi’s experimental choreography is surviving long distance

In the Dar

Low-key and glitz-free, an avant-garde boutique hotel set in the Tunisian desert gives its visitors a respite from daily life

El Ghriba

On the Tunisian island of Djerba, Africa’s oldest synagogue is a stranger no more