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Pride not Prejudice

The crusaders used the building in Jaffa as their central jail, after which it became the Ottoman Government House, and prior to the Naqbe, it had become a part of the Damiani soap factory.

Mashrabiya House

In the Beit Safafa village of Jerusalem, the Mashrabiya building stands out from the stone-clad houses that are distinctive of architecture in the Arab town.

The Jerusalem Show

The Jerusalem show features contemporary art works which is displayed through the city. This visual canvas runs all over Jerusalem; its alleys, coffee houses and narrow pathways. For most part this show highlights the city from within by luring the viewer subtly.


Palestine’s leading university town preserves its passion for astronomy, architecture and great falafel

Jibrini’s Tahini

For generations, one Palestinian family’s daily grind has produced the yin to falafel’s yang

Muhammad Shahada

Bench-pressing with 76-year-old bodybuilding champ Muhammad Shahada is no picnic

24 Hours in Jerusalem

24 Hours in Jerusalem

Meet the real Jerusalemites behind five institutions dedicated to keeping the Palestinian spirit alive

24 Hours in Ramallah

24 hours in Ramallah

Nicknamed Palestine’s ‘Big Olive’, Ramallah’s independent spirit makes it a city like no other

Pursuit of Youth

Pursuit of Youth

As an incubator for Palestine’s thriving creative community, the Qattan Foundation in Ramallah has paved the way for young voices

Layered Living

Layered Living

In the Beit Safafa village of Jerusalem, the Mashrabiya House stands out from the stone-clad buildings that are distinctive of architecture in
a typical Arab town

Academic Architecture

Academic Architecture

The Edward Said National Conservatory for Music incorporates the traditional zest of the town with the contemporary needs of its students