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Khaleejis in London

Although the full English summer is still weeks away – perhaps never even to appear – the scent of oudh has begun to linger in Green Park, as has the sweet cloy of shisha vapour along the Edgware Road: the Khaleeji tourist season is beginning to stir in London.

The Omani Ambassador

London is very enjoyable, it’s a great city – a capital of the world, and the ‘kitchen of international politics’. London has a rich culture and, when I left in 1990, I missed the theatre and arts. I also missed the friends that I had made here. But, being in Holland, I didn’t feel like I was very far away.

Karak in Knightsbridge

A Qatari export, Chapati & Karak dishes up the Indian flatbread and tea that remind Khaleeji residents of home