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Taha Al Douri

“The most remarkable aspect of the approach of the UAE to culture in
general and design particularly is that the decision makers are quite open o variants and are not apologetic about the possibilities of discord,”

Q&A: Leezan Salam

The 19-year old ballet dancer shares where to get the best lasagna between classes at the Music and Ballet School of Baghdad

Ali M. Ismail

Q&A: Ali M. Ismail

After a summer spent in the Silicon Valley, Baghdad’s Ali Ismail returned to his hometown to set up Fikra Space – a maker-space for Iraqi start-ups and entrepreneurs

Mohammed Al Khashali

The man at the helm of the legendary Al Shabandar café, the beating heart of Baghdad’s intellectual life for the past 100 years

Le Corbusier in Baghdad

An architectural historian at Georgetown University, Dr Mina Marefat explores the history of Le Corbusier’s Gymnasium

A Day In Baghdad

A Day In Baghdad

Between the Tigris River and Mutanabbi Street: Brownbook spends a day exploring the charms of Baghdad

Work in Progress

Built over 50 years ago and never used to its full potential, a gymnasium in Baghdad is French architect Le Corbusier’s only structure in the Middle East