The Gaza Kitchen

Continue reading       [split] From the yogurt-based sauces and tart tastes characteristic of the north, to the tomato-based stews of the south, the complicated seafood dishes of the coast and the hearty vegetables and grains of the farming interior, there is no shortage of diversity in the kitchens of Gaza.Um Ramadan’s fishing family […]


Sophie Chamas


Eman Mohammed


Gazan food carries a punch, spiked as it is with the likes of red chilli peppers, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and – peculiarly for an Arab locale – dill. An emaciated string of land squeezed between desert and sea, the Gaza Strip offers a cuisine like no other. It’s a place where you can taste urban, rural and nomadic variations of Palestinian cuisine dedicatedly cooked by people whose culinary sensibilities, despite their refugee status, are still firmly rooted in their native villages.
When so much has been lost,’ El-Haddad explains, ‘and so little remains in a physical and geographic sense, things like food become one of the only means of locating one’s self and one’s identity, of retaining the attachment to and the memory of these lost places