Disarming Design

Continue reading   A large part of the organisation’s work takes place under the auspices of the International Academy of Art Palestine, located in an old renovated house in a suburb of Al Bireh, just outside Ramallah’s eternally busy city centre. Since the label’s conception in 2012, the academy, in coordination with the Sandberg Instituut […]


Dylan Collins


Hamde Abu Rahma


A silhouette-skimming dress fashioned from a keffiyeh, a casual suit made of traditional bedouin fabric, a multi-currency and multi-passport leather wallet – a new design label is giving traditional Palestinian crafts a lesson in modern functionality. Built on collaboration, ‘Disarming Design from Palestine’ aims at introducing Palestine’s olive wood carvers, embroiderers, ceramicists and glass-blowers to its young contemporary artists, through a series of workshops and stylish heritage products. The project seeks to encourage material responses to Palestinian culture and identity as it exists today, while remaining respectful of and faithful to its rich past.

I learnt how to work with olive wood in Bethlehem

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