Brownbook is the essential guide to the contemporary Middle East and North Africa. Launched over seven years ago, Brownbook is dedicated to exploring subjects across the entire region – from the music of Kuwaiti pearl divers to the Iranian diaspora of Los Angeles.

In print, Brownbook magazine’s six issues a year use beautiful photography and original artwork with in-depth stories and interviews on architecture, food, travel and other culture.

Brownbook also publishes two annual Design and Fashion directories. Recent topics include ‘Repurposed Architecture of the Middle East’ and ‘Weddings of the Middle East and North Africa.’

Selection of Past Issues
Jan/Feb 2015 “Khartoum
Nov/Dec 2014 “Professors
Sep/Oct 2014 “Apartments
Jul/Aug 2014 “Arabs in Brazil
May/Jun 2014 “The Music Issue
Mar/Apr 2014 “The Algeria Issue

Annual Directories 
Fashion Directory | Weddings of the Middle East and North Africa
Design Directory | Repurposed Architecture in the Middle East

Brownbook + Serpentine Galleries + CAMP | Pleasure: A Block Study