The Fruit House

Gorgan, Iran

In rural Iran, a simple house for storing fruit is a lesson in Persian minimalism


London, UK

Originally founded in Kamal Rasool's Bahrain bedroom, Flamingods' new album mixes percussion from distant lands with noise, tribal and freaked folk sounds

Arabs in Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil

Samba, sun and sfiha – meet the Arabs moving to the rhythms of Brazil

Guns and Roses

Dades Valley, Morocco

Morocco’s annual Rose Festival brings out euphoric scents and old-fashioned artillery

Made in Tunisia

Sfax, Tunisia

An artisan range of handmade eyewear is a spectacle of contemporary Tunisian craftsmanship

Família Values

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Spearheading Brazil's breezy bossa nova scene in the 1960s, Sérgio Ricardo's legacy had a surprisingly Syrian start

Different Strokes

Dubai, UAE

The Emirati designers behind limited-edition fashion label No/3 translate their linear approach into hipster-esque henna


London, UK

Mixing the conflicting soundscapes her childhood, the music of singer-songwriter TĀLĀ falls between Iranian pop and UK garage

Bank Statement

Ankara, Turkey

A cultural powerhouse in Istanbul, SALT’s latest limb takes over a 20th century Ottoman bank in Ankara

24 hours in Córdoba

Córdoba, Spain

Once the glorious Islamic centre of Andalucía, contemporary Córdoba may have fallen on hard times, but it’s still a cultural capital