Fred & Latifeh Hagigi

Los Angeles , USA

Inseparable since they were teenagers in Tehran, Fred and Latifeh Hagigi are the power professor couple of University of California Los Angeles

Dogon Dancers

Tireli, Mali

In Mali’s Dogon Country, an ancient ceremony that honours and celebrates the dead is still a part of everyday life

Groom’s Shave

Istanbul, Turkey

An age-old custom, the groom shaving ceremony of Turkey is still a cause for celebration

Dr Mazin Qumsiyeh

Bethlehem, Palestine

Dr. Qumsiyeh returned to his homeland of Palestine to teach biology and founded the Palestine Museum of Natural History – the first establishment of its kind

Sabah (1927-2014)

Beirut, Lebanon

Brownbook remembers the Arab world’s late beloved diva of screen and song

Rotten Meat

Fez, Morocco

Love it or hate it: khlii is an old-fashioned Moroccan recipe for dried meat with a bad reputation

Dr Adly Mirza

Honolulu, USA

Hawaii’s only Arabic teacher, Dr. Adly Mirza, brings unparalleled enthusiasm for his native tongue to classrooms across Honolulu

Killer Moves

Yerevan, Armenia

From chessboards to dancefloors, Armenian chess grandmaster Levon Aronian has the winning moves

Eastern Union

Xinjiang, China

Flatbread, horsehair and silk: the wedding traditions of a Turkic minority in the northwestern Xinjiang region of China

Caroline Simonelli

New York City, USA

At Parsons and FIT, Caroline Simonelli bestows her 25 years’ worth of wisdom in the fashion world to aspiring designers in New York City