Sursock Museum

Beirut, Lebanon

The former private palace for Beirut’s rich and famous is set to reopen as a new art museum

Philately House: The stomping grounds for the UAE’s stamp collectors

Krar Collective

London, UK

A three-piece Ethiopian jazz band finds a new audience in North London

Afternoon tea, a hologram of the Queen and a slice of modernism at the British Ambassador's UAE residence

Fehras Publishing Practices

Berlin, Germany

A Syrian publishing house goes to work on a Kreuzberg factory rooftop

A Turkish surf rock classic catches a new wave thanks to the Anatolian Rock Revival Project

Mamie Lily

Tunis, Tunisia

The last standing Jewish restaurant in Tunis serves up kosher dishes

Juma Al Majid Centre

Dubai, UAE

Dubai’s unrivalled library contains the history of the Arab world

Xeina Almusallam

Kuwait City, Kuwait

On the streets of Kuwait City, falafel comes with a side order of kaftans and combat boots

Little Kurdistan, USA

Nashville, USA

The largest Kurdish community in North America makes Nashville its own