Built in the 1960s by the Vaughan-Richards family, AVR House still stands as a masterpiece of tropical modernism in Lagos

Charbel Haber

Beirut, Lebanon

Mar Mikhael-based musician Charbel Haber shows us around his home and neighbourhood

Cool on the Hill

Ourika Valley, Morocco

One mountain lodge in Morocco’s Berber countryside has become a successful part of the scenery

Tying the Knot

Beit Jala, Palestine

The art of Palestinian embroidery is needling its way back into the modern wedding

Dapper in Dakar

Dakar, Senegal

The dusty streets of Dakar are a never-ending source of inspiration for Senegalese fashion photographer Omar Victor Diop

Aziza Brahim

Western Sahara

Featuring Saharawi hand drums and desert-inspired lyrics, Aziza Brahim’s latest album ‘Soutak’ is a deep bow to her Western Saharan roots

The Shisha Table

Cairo, Egypt

Blending high design principles with Cairene craftwork, Lina Alorabi is polishing up Egyptian furniture design

Daphne Mohajer Va Pesaran

Tokyo, Japan

Two rooms in west Tokyo is ample space for fashion designer Daphne Mohajer Va Pesaran to balance her home and work

Going Underground

Tehran, Iran

The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art’s industrial exterior hides one of the world’s greatest collections of art

24 hours In Malé

Malé, Maldives

It may be one of the smallest capitals in the world, but the modern face of the Maldives is an isle of cultural plenty